Me and the host of the Patti O'Furniture

Me and the host of the Patti O'Furniture

The whole cast of the night at Patricks

Patti O'Furniture, Eva, Me and Eve Michaels

I had a really good time at Patricks. I had been there before a really long time ago. I can’t remeber with who or for what but I know I have been there before.

The show ran smoothly. I really like the stage and the dressing room was large enough room for everyone and there things. The other girls in the show were Eva Dee Struction, Eve Michaels, and the Host Patti O’Furniture. They were a lot fun to work with. The club it self it pretty big and they had a pool table witch I like. So I kicked my friend Luke’s ass real fast before the show. The bar staff was way nice and the drinks……Tasty too!!

The next day Eve Michaels, took my Husband, me and Luke to the cutest place for brunch. The Lost Dog Cafe near the beach and it was sooooooo good! If you are ever in Charleston, it is a place you must eat at. Halfway through brunch our tour guide went blind (thats all i will say about that) so we had to cut our day short. I will get in into the city a little more next time I hope.

I hope to be back really soon. We are working on booking a date in December right now. Check my calendar for my next visit!

Be safe

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