This year was such an amazing Pride for me. It Started at The Georgia Aquarium’s Ocean Ballroom. JP Sheffield, the Executive Director of the Atlanta Pride Committee,invited me to Atlanta Pride’s Annual VIP Kickoff Party. It was from 6-8PM on Friday and with complimentary food and drinks so how could I say no? Well the food part almost made me stay home but the open bar was kind of convincing. Then JP told me than the Mayor Kasim Reed was going to be there to speak so I set out on a mission, I just had to meet him! Nicole should meet the Mayor.

[youtube alight=”right”]fL0tQf0brk4[/youtube]

I set out the night with Janelle Paige Brooks, Kyle, Luke, and myself. The thing about the party at the Aquarium is that, I was confused about was were I was suppose to go. The VIP party (where I was to be) was in the Ocean Ballroom. I didn’t want to have to walk from the parking deck to the main entrance of the Aquarium, so I had Luke Drop Me and Kyle off. Come to find out the Ocean Ballroom’s entrance is in the Parking deck. I was walking around the outside of the very large GA Aquarium for some time before I found my way into the Parking Deck. The video I posted is to the left, I was Killed!

When I did get inside the ballroom the Mayor was on stage speaking to everyone. I got a little video of that also to the right. When he got done he went and stood next to JP who I had not said hello to yet. I went over to them, said hello and kind of froze up and just stode there. I dont know what I was thinking. What? Did I think the Mayor was going to just start chatting me up? Not so much. Two ladies came over and asked to get a picture with him and I jumped right on their coat tails and got me one also. Mission accomplished! Kind of.


After the VIP party we went in the the Aquarium with everyone else. The Party was a sold out and the place was packed. I took a few videos when I got in there. I ran into Trent Nichelson who is always taping me at my shows. When I put the camrra on him, He froze right up. Kind of funny to me. When I turned around too, there where a few fans that started to freak out a little which always freaks me out everytime.

Mayor Kasim Reed

me and Mayor Kasim Reed, mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished!

janelle Brooks, Me and look at the crowd

Janelle Brooks and Me

The crowds, WOW

Well it was Friday night so I had to get to work at LeBuzz. We left the aquarium and headed to my house to get my things for the show when all the free drinks from the Aquarium started to kick in. On the way to Lebuzz we Picked up Susannah, Wes, and Shavonna Brooks. In the car ride I made another video of them all in the back seat. It was Shavonna’s birthday so she was in a good mood also.


When I got to Lebuzz I got a little drunker and and took some more video of us in the dressing room. You see Ciran Chanel Stratton, she is the one with the crown on. She just won Miss Rising Diva and was in town with Claire D’Shey (edward scissorhands). She was our guest that night with Amber Nicole. Shavonna Brooks and Jasmine Antoinette are in there with Heather, the Little white girl in the back who is Destiny’s roommate. The latin boy that ran out the door well that would be Destiny’s Man Alex. I had a good start to my pride this year. As you see I got a little crazy with all the videos but I hope you all like them. Please feel free to leave me a comment at the bottom of this post and tell me about your pride weekend!

There were so many people there and below are a few I took! I had a Blast and cant wait to do it again next year! Janelle was so much fun that night i had her make a Video for all my Latin Friends.

Justin Ziegler and me

Justin Ziegler and me

NPB and A Whale

NPB and a Whale

Josh Cox ,me , Alonso McNamara, and Phoenix Atl

Josh Cox, Me, Alonso McNamara, Phoenix ATL

Janelle Brooks , Steve Wang, Kyle Ebbs, and NPB

Janelle Brooks, Steve Wang, Kyle Ebbs, and NPB

the Add for Rubbing Noses

I was asked by E Vincent Martinez to be a part of this event and was supper excited to do it.  It is an event for PALS and this year it was held at Lambert Place.  Most the fashions were from the Boy Next Door.  The Gowns the girls wore came from, Lasting Impressions. This was the third year I was asked to model and I had a blast.

The $20 ticket gets you an open bar, (you know I loved that), a fashion show with some hot boys, 3 queens, and some of the cutest dogs in Atlanta! There was a Silent and live auction items include roundtrip Airtran tickets with hotel packages; private dinners for eight by Dennis Dean Catering, A Legendary Event and Shane’s Rib Shack and a whole lot more. I got a year family membership to the High Museum from the Silent auction. Lukas is going to be so excited.

The last event I was supposed to be at for PALS, I got my days mixed up and missed it. So, this time, when it was time to do my fitting at Boy Next Door I was going to be sure not to mess this up. I thought I was to be at Boy Next Door at noon but, Bubba D called me at 11:15am and said “Girl you coming to your fitting?” Damn, I F*cked up again! I rushed over and made the fitting, thanks god. I really liked everything they put me in.

The day of the show they said to be there between no later then 12:45. Of course I finally made sure to be there on time and I was the only one there for about 45 min. I made a video of the runway before anyone got there. Some 200 people later showed up for the annual Rubbing Noses Fashion fundraiser on Sept. 26. Canines helped us show off the latest styles on the runway. The first dog I went out with dragged me down the runway. The Video I posted of that, was taked by the dogs owner, John Stoerner. Bubba D and Bianca Nicole were the other two queens in the show. You already know I had a good time with the two of them. At the end of it all, they raised about $20,000 to help the organization, and I had a blast.

from the Boy Next Door.

From the Boy Next Door

from the Boy Next Door.

From the Boy Next Door

The Gowns from, Lasting Impressions

From Lasting Impressions

The Gowns from, Lasting Impressions

From Lasting Impressions

[youtube]yyrSDmLSU8g[/youtube] [youtube]spxqpD-OI6w[/youtube]