Alissiah, Me, Kat, and Janelle

Adam Bouska taking our photo

Janelle Brooks

Alissiah Brooks

Recently, the NoH8 campaign, which I am sure you all have heard of before, came to town to do a photo shoot. The Kids (Alissah and Janelle Brooks) told me they wanted to attend with the House of Brooks.  I asked Shawnna to attend and she said “yes,” but then the day of backed out.  To tell the truth I almost did too.  I had Lukas that day and had to work that night but as it turns out, the kids live really close to me now, so they were having none of that!

Adam Bouska taking our photo Adam Bouska taking our photo Adam Bouska taking our photo Alissah, Janelle, me and Kat Graham The Kids

I got ready and we headed to the W Midtown where I had a blast.  I wish I would have brought Lukas with me to tell the truth.  I don’t think he would have let us tape his mouth; He would have gone off.   We ran into a lot of People we knew so I posted a few videos and some other photos.   Kat Graham from Vampire Diaries (Thursday nights on the WB) is a friend of mine and also knows Adam Bouska, the Photographer for the Noh8 campaign.  She met us there and took good care of us.

My LeBuzz Family

Bubba Dee

Justin Ziegler

Jason Snead and  Daniel Boyle

Jason and Daniel

The staff of Lebuzz, Bubba Dee, Jz, Jason Sneed so may people came out . Take a look. Beyond these photos, there are so many more to see at the NoH8 website and look out because they could be coming to your city soon.

This First Video is Bubba Dee and the owner of LasMargaritas check out the show there every Monday night. Alissah and Janelle Brooks, Angelica D’Paige are also in the show. Be sure to watch the whole thing to find out how Bubba got them bobbies. [youtube]0vJr4H_SeXw[/youtube]
[youtube]dmLPzc_jDh0[/youtube] This next one is Of Janelle crazy ass trying to confuse me. Wes , Anthony , Scott, and Curtis are in this one also.
This one Alissah posted Curtis is taping for us. [youtube]8DfRMRA4HKI[/youtube]
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