The Beginning

Me & Micah

The summer I turned 21, I was living in Oklahoma City and started going to a Club called Angles.  They  had Drag shows there all the time and I was in the front row for most of them.

I only started doing Drag as a dare for Halloween.  My roommate at the time, Micah, did my make up and it was way wrong.  As I have always said, “a 1000 trannys are born on Halloween and they all die the next day.”

Not long after that  I started getting to know a few of the girls in the show, they started to try and get me to do drag.  They where doing an AIDS benifit called “Studs to Stars” and  whoever raised the most money in tips that night was considered the “winner.”  I finally agreed and said that I would do it, but just this ” ONE time.”

The night of the benefit, I won! Rachael Erikks was the host of the event and she became a good friend to me, the new queen, after  the contest.  My Name was Nicole Page (yes, the spelling has changed since) and my first mother was Porsha (John Taylor, pictured below).  She looked like Cindy Crawford and was always a perfect Lady.

After winning “Studs to Stars” I was asked to do a lot of the benefit shows around town until I moved to Memphis, TN.  In Memphis, I stopped doing Drag until I moved to Atlanta in 1999.

Making my first dollar

Making my first dollar

Getting Ready

The night the Star was Born

A Star is Born, my first show!

Porcha & Micah

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