Alissiah, Me, Kat, and Janelle

Adam Bouska taking our photo

Janelle Brooks

Alissiah Brooks

Recently, the NoH8 campaign, which I am sure you all have heard of before, came to town to do a photo shoot. The Kids (Alissah and Janelle Brooks) told me they wanted to attend with the House of Brooks.  I asked Shawnna to attend and she said “yes,” but then the day of backed out.  To tell the truth I almost did too.  I had Lukas that day and had to work that night but as it turns out, the kids live really close to me now, so they were having none of that!

Adam Bouska taking our photo Adam Bouska taking our photo Adam Bouska taking our photo Alissah, Janelle, me and Kat Graham The Kids

I got ready and we headed to the W Midtown where I had a blast.  I wish I would have brought Lukas with me to tell the truth.  I don’t think he would have let us tape his mouth; He would have gone off.   We ran into a lot of People we knew so I posted a few videos and some other photos.   Kat Graham from Vampire Diaries (Thursday nights on the WB) is a friend of mine and also knows Adam Bouska, the Photographer for the Noh8 campaign.  She met us there and took good care of us.

My LeBuzz Family

Bubba Dee

Justin Ziegler

Jason Snead and  Daniel Boyle

Jason and Daniel

The staff of Lebuzz, Bubba Dee, Jz, Jason Sneed so may people came out . Take a look. Beyond these photos, there are so many more to see at the NoH8 website and look out because they could be coming to your city soon.

This First Video is Bubba Dee and the owner of LasMargaritas check out the show there every Monday night. Alissah and Janelle Brooks, Angelica D’Paige are also in the show. Be sure to watch the whole thing to find out how Bubba got them bobbies. [youtube]0vJr4H_SeXw[/youtube]
[youtube]dmLPzc_jDh0[/youtube] This next one is Of Janelle crazy ass trying to confuse me. Wes , Anthony , Scott, and Curtis are in this one also.
This one Alissah posted Curtis is taping for us. [youtube]8DfRMRA4HKI[/youtube]

With Season 3 about to air I was thinking it’s about time I told you about my experence. I Found out about RuPaul’s Drag Race Season One from a friend of mine named Arman. I didnt know how to sing up so I went over his house and he helped me apply on When the online voting started, I was in the top 10 in no time. I uploaded pictures and had my video put together by the best Bill Berdeaux and Cody Nation. You can take a look at my audition video below.

season 1 audition

Nicole Paige Brooks – RuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 1 from Nicole Paige Brooks on Vimeo.

I eventually got a call from the producers saying that I was in the running to be on the show. I was so excited, i really want to be apart of the first season. I did quite a few phone interviews with the producers and such. I did a crazy test and I thought I was in. Not so much, my audition video made season one, but I did not.

When Season Two came around, the show contacted me and asked if I would apply for the show again. I had to do all the same things as before with creating a video, doing interviews, a crazy test, all of it. That Video is below. With all of that said, I made it! I was very excited! I never in my life dreamed I would be doing drag for a living and now I was going to be doing drag on TV. It took some time to get my head around that. I had a blast doing the show. It was was a crazy experience that im glad I had the opportunity to be a part of. If you saw the show then you know how it went. If you did not see the show then….. I WON!!!!! LOL

season 2 audition

Nicole Paige Brooks – RuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 2 from Nicole Paige Brooks on Vimeo.

I had to send in a lot of pic to the show I have included a few of them here for you. I tried to show them as many different things as I could. they also wanted boy pic so there are a few of them also.

If you are thinking about doing the show, I say go for it. It was a Great experience. I would do it all again. to sign up go to

Photo by Iba Oshun At Synergy Im a MUMMY

My Halloween started Friday night at LeBuzz with the Cast of DIVAS.  We did a production to “Not myself tonight” and I was a MUMMY . Destiny Brooks was a CRAIZZED Baby, and did “Disturbia”.  Pandora was an Alien, and did “Monster”.  All that was mixed together with Thriller at the end.  Jasmine Antoinette was Micheal Jackson. We all came out together at the end and did the Thriller dance, or something like it. It was fun.  The rest of the night is a Blurrr so it must have been a good time.   I posted some pics of us backstage before the show.  My fav is the One of Shavonna looking like Santa with me in her lap. That convict looking over her sholder is Heather, Destiny’s roommate.
Photo by Iba Oshun At Synergy Im a MUMMY
Jasmine Antoinette

Jasmine Antoinette

Me and Destiny before the Production

Me and Destiny before the Production

Shavona Brooks Playing Santa on Halloween

Shavona Brooks Playing Santa on Halloween

Me and Destiny before the Production

Me and Destiny before the Production

[youtube]olN-2DxgOVI[/youtube] The Next day we headed to Macon, GA to work at Club Synergy with Mystique Summers who you may also know from RuPauls Drag Race Season 2. I was trying to leave Atlanta around 2PM if I do recall. We didn’t make it out of there till almost 5. The reason we needed to leave was so we would be checked in to the hotel in Macon in time to see the Auburn game. We made it just in time and Auburn won the game. I watched it with Luke and think I kind of liked it. Does that make me a Tiger?
I was asked by one of the owners, Phillip, to come work. This was my second at Synergy and I had a blast. Turns out the other club stole away the queen they had booked. Shady, But I love Macon, so it worked out for me. I have worked with Deonna Sage many times before and she is always a lot of fun. Gigi Monroe was also there and had John Eric with her. It is always nice to see them! Jordan West was the Drag King there, he was super cute. Asisa and Ravion made up the rest of the Synergy cast. Last but not least, Mystique Summers was also there and she was off the chain. She was Yelling for Food…something about a biscuit… and then almost got in a fight with someone in the front row. Goodtimes. I got a video of everyone in the dressing room and then my Phone died. Add for Synergy Luke, John Eric, Jonathan/My man, Me and A Pirate Me and My Man at Synergy Photo by Iba Oshun At Synergy
[youtube]xHHczw5va3A[/youtube] [youtube]vAa2FX-awVg[/youtube]
I was Pretty Drunk at this point as you can tell by me hitting my head on the wall in this Video. I just wanted to do a little recap of the night before i got out of Drag. So before I got my face off we got hungry and went to find some food. I look a little crazy in this one. We went to Mystique’s room, I just knew there would be food there. Turns out she was at Dennys or something which is why we didn’t get an answer at her door. How many times did it take for me to count out $20?
[youtube]b6QdcsaXj38[/youtube] I always want to check out a local place to eat when im out of town. We found the cutest place for brunch. Dolce Vita Cafe & Bar, it was so good. You have to eat here if your ever in the area. Can’t wait to go back. After Brunch we headed back to Atlanta to go Trick-or-Treating with Lukas.
Lukas was Mario last year and this year he was Lougi. I think we may have got it one size too small. He had a blast, when he went to Shawnna Brooks house all he wanted was something to drink. After getting some ice tea he was excited to find out all the candy in the Bowl was for him! It was a Great weekend. I hope your Halloween was as good as mine. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me all about it. See you all in Macon again soon. [youtube]HkswOdddmU0[/youtube]

On My Birthday this Year at Lebuzz we Kicked off  the new Diva Cast. Every Friday and Saturday you can come see the Diva’s of LeBuzz. Show time is 11pm and the cast is Destiny Brooks, Heather Daniels, Jasmine Antoinette, Kenya Black Dupree and myself. I am so excited to be working with all the Girls. we will be doing productions to start each show. Get there early to get a seat!

See you there!



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